Discovery of a Brown Dwarf Companion to Gliese 570ABC:
A 2MASS T Dwarf Significantly Cooler than Gliese 229B

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FOR RELEASE: 9:20 a.m. EST, January 15, 2000


(a) In the left panel are Two Micron All Sky Survey (2MASS) images of three objects. These are false-color images generated by mapping the three near-infrared wavelengths at which 2MASS observes into blue, green, and red colors. The first 2MASS image (top left) shows a methane brown dwarf (also called a "T dwarf"). Below that are 2MASS images of Uranus with its five major moons and Neptune with its largest moon, Triton. Strong methane absorption causes the T dwarf, Uranus, and Neptune all to appear blue in these images. (b) In the right panel is an artist's rendition in visible light of the Gliese 570ABCD system. In the upper right corner of this image are the three cool stars (one yellow and the other two red) comprising the core of the system. Below them is shown the cool brown dwarf ("T dwarf") companion, Gliese 570D, an even cooler object which is depicted here as having a reddish, banded atmosphere. A dark, hypothetical companion to this brown dwarf is also shown.

These results were announced to the press at the 195th American Astronomical Society meeting in Atlanta, GA, on January 15, 2000.


(Left Panel): 2MASS images courtesy of the University of Massachusetts and the Infrared Processing and Analysis Center. (Right Panel): Artist's rendition by Dr. Robert Hurt of the Infrared Processing and Analysis Center.


Press release image with captions, 1411x1102 pixels

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Artist's rendition of Gl 570D and hypothetical companion without caption, 1280x960 pixels (image courtesy of Dr. Robert Hurt, Infrared Processing and Analysis Center)

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2MASS False-color image of a T dwarf without caption, 348x336 pixels

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2MASS False-color image of Uranus without caption, 323x323 pixels

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2MASS False-color image of Neptune without caption, 323x323 pixels

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