WIRE DA Tool: scoreradhits


Perl script scoreradhits processes output files from the WIRE second-pass coadder, as well as output files created from WIRE simulation data, to compute scores for the coadder's rad-hit detection and rejection algorithm. The scores are given in terms of completeness (also known as probability of detection), reliability, and probability of false alarm. The scores are computed only over regions of the input images that map into the corresponding coadd image. Either an untrimmed or a trimmed coadd image may be specified.

Optionally, the tool will display the specified coadd image with overlayed green symbols showing the locations of input rad-hits in the simulation data (circles for rad hits with strengths > 50,000 electrons, boxes for rad hits with strengths < 50,000 electrons), and red triangles showing the locations of the detected rad hits.

Data files containing locations of input rad hits in WIRE simulation data are required. These files, one for each input WIRE frame, are created with perl script rhlocfiles.pl, which processes WIRE simulation log files; e.g.,

/proj/wire/russ/radhits/rhlocfiles.pl -ind /wire/well/fan/wiretests/posrecons/highlat/nominal/recd12

The output files from rhocfiles.pl have the filename prefix rhloc-.

The tool will soon be under both CVS version control (/proj/wire/cvsroot/da/russ/radhits), and make control (makefile.p-bin). The source code is located in /proj/wire/russ/radhits.

Required and Optional Inputs

Command-line input Definition
-infits or -inf FITS filename Coadd image (either untrimmed or trimmed). Required.
-inoff or -ino coadd offset filename Coadd offset filename produced by the WIRE DA pipeline (has filename extension *.of).
-radhitsfile or -rhf filename Data file produced by the WIRE second-pass coadder containing detected rad hits (has filename prefix rhf-).
-nrep or -nr value Coadd-image upsampling factor (along a single image dimension).
-displayimage or -di Switch to enable display of coadd image with overlayed symbols showing rad-hit locations.
-execPath or -xpath pathname Pathname for the binaries used by scoreradhits.
-verbose or -v Enable verbose mode.

Usage and Sample Output

Example of how to execute scoreradhits:

/proj/wire/russ/radhits/scoreradhits -ino /wire/well/russ/radhits/sim4700/reduce/cws470000100.of -inf /wire/well/russ/radhits/sim4700/reduce/rcws470000100.fits -nr 2 -rhf /wire/well/russ/radhits/sim4700/reduce/rhf-test2ndpass-a_s.dat -di

scoreradhits version $Id: scoreradhits,v 1.0 1998/05/05 15:50:14 laher Exp $  update Fri_1998/07/31(212)_17:27:25 , PID=8699
Date/time: Fri_1998/07/31(212)_17:30:09   PCPU: 1.15/0.25/2  CCPU: 0.1/0.2

Named parameters for Scoreradhits:
  inoff = /wire/well/russ/radhits/sim4700/reduce/cws470000100.of; 
  radhitsfile = /wire/well/russ/radhits/sim4700/reduce/rhf-test2ndpass-a_s.dat; 
  infits = /wire/well/russ/radhits/sim4700/reduce/rcws470000100.fits; 
  debug = undef; execpath = undef; verbose = undef; dot = undef; 
  nosymbols = undef; log = undef; nrep = 2; xmin = undef; ymin = undef; 
  xcen = undef; ycen = undef; xoff = undef; yoff = undef; theta = undef; 
  displayimage = 1; 

Starting skyview...
Process 'skyview -8 -p 200 -s' started with PID 8707.
Number of unique rad hits detected in sws470000105 = 87
Number of unique rad hits detected in sws470000101 = 70
Number of unique rad hits detected in sws470000102 = 54
Number of unique rad hits detected in sws470000103 = 65
Number of unique rad hits detected in sws470000104 = 48
Number of unique rad hits detected in sws470000106 = 61
Number of unique rad hits detected in sws470000107 = 61
Number of unique rad hits detected in sws470000108 = 45

Total number of input rad hits = 167
Total number of input rad hits in trimmed coadd image = 131072
Total number of detected rad hits in trimmed coadd image = 314
Probability of detection (PD) = 1
Probability of false alarm (PFA) = 0.00156532761161549
Completeness = 1
Reliability = 0.347133757961783

Enter command> 

After the image is displayed, and the symbols are overlayed, the tool then gives a prompt which allows the user to specify skyview commands from the command line (the mouse cannot be used here). For example, to zoom-pan the image by a factor of 4 at pixel (100, 150):

sk zp 4 100 150

Type help or ? to give a list of the other available commands. Type quit to quit.

To get just scores and no image display, simply omit the -di switch when running the tool.

To get the image display with only simulation rad-hits overlayed, simply omit the -rhf option (no scores will be computed in this case).

Last revised: July 31, 1998

Software developer: Russ Laher (laher@ipac.caltech.edu)

URL: http://spider.ipac.caltech.edu/staff/laher/scoreradhits.html

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