The 1st Annual IRS IST Dodger Day
(22 May 2003)

(...the Dodgers beat the Rockies 4-3)


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You can't enjoy the game
without proper nourishment.
(stupid two-beer limit !!)
Now, where are our seats ?
Bring on the Dodgers !


Hey, who invited the
IRAC and MIPS teams ?
IRAC-MIPS rivalry
Aye Carumba, eso es
un super-perrito !!


The view from our seats
It was brown before
the S7 testing
A happy first timer !
(...doesn't realize how 
bad the Dodgers are)




The IRAC IST lead
makes a disputed call
Always prepared
We're not called the
IRS instrument support
TEAM for nothing


The players in their native habitat
before the game.
(Note the crushed spirits)