Gerry and Marcia's Going Away Party

(we had a great time at the Ath - here are just a few of the people who
were there to wish Gerry and Marcia well on their latest adventure.)


...just click on the picture for the full-sized image


out on the patio
Eric Becklin
Bob & Debbie Thicksten


Ed Stone
Keith Matthews and Bob Thicksten
James Larkin


Nick Scoville
Kip Thorne


Tom Soifer and John Henning
Gerry and Jessica
Dave Shupe and 
Doug & Michelle Warden


Annie Erickson and 
Mike & Edwinna Werner
Carol and the girls
Jerry Wasserburg


Jerry Wasserburg and 
Paul Dimotakis
Jamie Bock and Andrew Blain
Ranga-Ram Chary


George Helou
(on the left)
Janya & Scott Chapman, Dave & Viviane Thompson, Katie Clark and Jamie Bock
Jason Surace and Atiya Hakeem