(the hike, the banquet ...and more)

Dieter, Henrik, Gerhardt and 
Kurt, midway to the top.
Amiel finds a friend.
Chris is amused.
Bob, Sylvain, Brad, Chip and 
Amiel - ready for the final ascent.

Come on you two.... Now that's the spirit ! mmm, delicious bread.

Andrea polishes off another 
fabulous Ringberg sandwich.
Sharda needs a beer.....
or maybe a few aspirin.
Chris, Dave and Lee take a break.  Another beer before heading up ?

Chris and Dave Rosa and Reinhard A view of the other side.

The calm before the storm. Wet, but happy.  Now, can we 
make it to dinner ??


After drying off (pictures embargoed) we all enjoyed a great banquet.  Here are just a couple of moments.

Frank and Chris enjoy the banquet...especially the wine. Zither - rama, baby !!!


Of course, all the fun during the meeting did not happen on the hike or at the banquet.....

Everyone is all smiles at the Ringberg brewery as Wil prepares to torment the waitress. So, when does this place close ?