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Two Micron All Sky Survey (2MASS) Coverage

As of 25 October 2000 UT

2MASS Covers the Sky!

Aitoff projection of the sky in J2000 equatorial coordinates showing the 2MASS Tiles observed as of the effective date shown above. A 2MASS survey tile is a 6 degree long by 8.5 arcminute wide strip that runs roughly north-south. The sky has been divided into 59,650 such tiles. All 59,650 survey tiles have now been observed under conditions suitable for catalog quality.

For a more detailed description of 2MASS Sky Coverage, please see the Current 2MASS Sky Coverage page at UMASS. For a description of the 2MASS tile design and Survey strategy, please see the 2MASS Survey Strategy Document . Also see the 2MASS Survey Strategy Web Page at UMASS.

Last Updated - 25 October 2000
R. Cutri - IPAC

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