Su Dong-Po
Translations of Tune Poems by Yun Wang

Su Dong-Po (1036-1101 A.D.) was one of the three major poets from the Song Dynasty. He was known for his writings at an early age, which led to prominent government positions. Because of his poetry, he was arrested and then demoted many times (the last time was one year before his death) by political rivals.

Here ``tune poems" refer to ``Ci", poetry originally written to fixed tunes, with strict tonal patterns and rhyme schemes in fixed numbers of lines and words. The lines are generally uneven in length. ``Ci" has been regarded as the dominant form of lyric poetry in classical Chinese poetry, it originated in the Tang Dynasty and was fully developed in the Song Dynasty.

Yun Wang's translations of Su Dong-Po's tune poems have been published by Willow Springs, Confluence, and Connotation Press. Here are Yun Wang's translations of five tune poems by Su Dong Po (featured in Connotation Press). A bilingual edition of Yun Wang's translations of tune poems by Su Dong-Po, titled "Dreaming of Fallen Blossoms: Tune Poems of Su Dong-Po", will be published by White Pine Press in 2018.